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About Us

To apply STEM principles to solve real-life problems, across industries, across the globe and beyond

Our Mission

Our mission is To apply STEM principles to solve real-life problems, across industries, across the globe and beyond

  • We are Strategists by experience. We love building the future that you envision.  
  • We are Engineers at heart. We love solving problems.  
  • We are Learners by choice. We love sharing our knowledge to make things better. 
  • We are Collaborators by nature. We understand, it takes more than one to build great things.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a trusted strategic partner for businesses across the globe, creating exciting opportunities for our employees and generating value for our stakeholders

The global challenges have changed from just automating routine tasks to something meaningful to life on earth and beyond. The internet and the availability of the internet across the globe have opened up unimaginable possibilities for humanity. These possibilities are creating new opportunities, challenging the status quo, questioning what we know and showing us a future that was never imagined before.  

The technological advances have thinned the boundaries between specialized domains. Technology is being used today to manage machines, robots, rockets, satellites, decision making using past patterns, influence purchase habits, decide on medical treatments, conduct surgeries, build completely autonomous factories, create exciting content with metahumans and virtual sets, deliver content with augmented reality and the list goes on.  

While technology is a common factor across all these exciting fields, these new generation solutions require a solid understanding of Science, Engineering, Technology & Maths (STEM). They need an ability to comprehend how to integrate different fields through technology and deliver business solutions. This is what prompted us to build Vinz Global based on STEM principles and how they should be applied to real-life business problems.  

Our Logo Represents S.T.E.M

Pillar Of The Organizations
Vinz Global started its operations in Pune, India, from 2022, soon after Covid-19 period. With a fully owned subsidiary registered in Delaware, USA, 
Vinz Global has started the journey to build an organization that would partner with the businesses building sustainable future for the humanity.

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